Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh Boy (or whatever you are)

This coming week I am giving a paper twice. Neato, my first academic presentations (woot!). My research is based on the work of Anne Fausto-Sterling, a feminist biologist and author at Brown University who essentially argues (based on scientific data, historical research, and in observation of current culture) that the binary of sexual categorization (male/female, XX/XY) is false and product of our culture and times. I think take that theory and apply it to intersectionality in the discussion of gender formation and sexual categorization, and then discuss this as it applies to feminist methdology and epistemology. And all in 15 pages!

My presentation on Monday is at our Eastern's graduate research fair - I'm not really nervous, and I'm not even sure if anyone will show up. Practice run! Then I present at the Annual Michigan Women's Studies Association conference this coming Saturday. This is big, at least for little me. Yipes/Eeps/Egad!

So, anyways, cross your fingers and wish me luck (and lack of flat tire when Handsome and I drive to Grand Rapids this weekend).