Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Week's Menu

It's been so long since I've put a menu up, I thought I would for kicks. Our recent strategy has been planning 3-4 main meals and getting "cheater" meals to supplement (you know, pasta and pasta sauce, etc.). We've been eating out a lot, a combination of my many food whims and our combined deadlines, so no need to purchase food and have it go to waste!

Somebody may have also put chicken sausages into the shopping cart and has been eating them as late-night snacks with sauerkraut and ketchup. Please don't judge.

Heat Wave!

I believe we are having what you would call a heat wave. As in, it's 10:10 PM as I write this, and my weatherbug says it's currently 86 degrees outside. Crazy, Michigan.

Our poor little window AC unit is pumping as well as it can and "cools" our main room to about 74-80, the bedroom and bathroom are pretty intolerable, and even the apartment was just too warm for me today. I've never been really sensitive to heat before, but now if there isn't enough circulation and above 75 inside, I'm so darned uncomfortable. I'm going to blame the baby for this. Baby, I love you, but my goodness.

That and the ALLERGIES. I have never had seasonal allergies this terrible before. With the permission of my midwife, I'm taking double doses of Zyrtec (which she says is stronger than Claritin, should you feel miserable with Claritin like I was) and taking Benadryl to be able to sleep at night. And my throat and mouth are still constantly itchy, and my eyes are still watery and itchy. But I can breathe and am mostly functional, which wasn't the case last week.

My weatherbug says grass pollen has been high the past two days, so I'm going to blame the grass for my suffering. 

Anyways: Yay, Summer!

To escape from the heat today (after a ridiculously long nap), we ventured to our lovely, large library to sit in the cool and drink iced coffee. I love our library! After hanging out there until nearly close time, we went to Temptations for dinner for Indian food. And oh my goodness, I had the best dish I think I've ever had at an Indian restaurant: Lamb Methi. NOM to the NOMNOM.

Based on the taste profile and appearance, the closest recipe I could found online is here. This recipe is for paneer (cheese) instead of lamb and has peas mixed in, but I imagine otherwise it's a close comparison. Ian and I plan to visit the local Indian grocery store in a week or two and try to recreate this goodness. Seriously, I mean, I know I'm really into food right now (what?), but this was ridiculously good. If I wrote sonnets, I would write a sonnet about this sauce.

We move in about one month. The following things must be accomplished:
  1. Pack. Obviously.
  2. Find a buyer for our 2010 Yaris (interested, anyone?). We have an appointment for routine maintenance and a price check at the dealership this weekend, we'll see what they say.
  3. Find  movers / a moving method. So glad that the University essentially covers this part of our relocation. 
  4. Find homes for both of our kitties (this makes my heart sad, but it's necessary).

Now 10:31 PM, and it still says it's 86 degrees. Oh well.