Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to have a (somewhat) lazy Saturday morning with a baby

  1. Stage sleeping in:
    •  Awaken before 6:00 am to strange noises/smells, and realize your baby is awake
    • Argue about who spent more time up with the baby during the night.
    • Realize the mom is almost always the "winner" here.
    •  Kiss to show no serious hard feelings, and hand baby off to partner for one hour, more tired parent sleeps in.
    • Swap places with baby and bed, second partner naps for an hour.
  2. Baby naps:
    •  Everyone snuggle in bed and get baby ready for nap.
    •  Baby feels so loved and wonderful, baby inevitably goes down for long, wonderful nap.*
    • Enjoy what you would've normally done on a Saturday morning before you had an infant that woke up at the crack of dawn, demanding your near-constant attention, but be aware that your napping child is really a ticking time bomb, so hustle through your relaxing activities. 
  3. High-five each other - you are awesome. Pretend that having a child really hasn't completely wrecked every weekend.
*Note: This doesn't always work. Baby may be on to your plan...