Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Things

Things I'm enthusiastic about right now:
  • plumcots!
  • fruity iced teas
  • this lovely weather we've had all week on the Eastern side of Michigan
  • Ian's vegetable pate. You don't know love if your husband doesn't make this for you.
  • My new cookbook (see last post)

This week was strange. Starting things off to a not great start, I came down with a whopper of a headache on Sunday night, which prompted much complaining as Ian can attest, and the swallowing of my migraine meds, which of course did little if anything to stop the headache from progressing.

I went into work Monday all spiffed up as I had an interview for the Ann Arbor counseling position. The interview went well, not great, but pretty well. I was told that I would be considered and would hear back by Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, I got up to go to work but was so nauseated and felt so terrible in the shower, I called in sick. How many days this year have I had to do that? Too many. I told my manager I would go the doctor. My primary was on vaca, lucky lady, but I was able to get in the same day to see the physicians assistant. My wonderful, wonderful husband (I just love calling him that) drove with me to the doctor, sat in the waiting room with every sick person in Ann Arbor for an hour and a half, and bought me Chipotle when the whole ordeal had ended. The physicians assistant didn't really seem to think anything was wrong with me - he kept slamming the examination room door around, shined bright lights in my eyes, and told me I didn't look like I was in pain. Thanks dude. He didn't even want to talk about changing my prescription, which doesn't seem to do a lot of anything, but did refer me to a neurologist and gave me a shot in the hindquarters to help with the pain. I don't think I've had a shot there since I was a baby.

I ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon, much to Ian's relief, I'm sure. He's great, but there is only so much cuddling, encouragement, and head-rubbing one man can give, especially when his schedule is so tight.

On Wednesday morning I met with the head of the department to discuss my impending GA position. She was, I think, horrified to hear that I would be working 20-30 hours in addition to my schoolwork and the 10 hours they are requesting for the GA. I walked home wide-eyed and nervous, head pounding. Am I taking too much on? Will I have time to breathe? Ian had to calm me down (it's been a 'tending' week for him!). Yes, we will be busy, and yes, I will be doing a lot. But I think I can handle it. I hope I can handle it.

When I went into work for my shift, I found out that I was chosen for the job in Ann Arbor! This is really exciting - it means a much shorter commute each week, a less stressful position (working in a call center is only for the brave of heart and the stiff of ear), fewer headaches (the loud conversations, phone voices in my ear, and overhead lighting all make headaches more severe), and... a nice change of pace, I think. I've really missed working in a small office, and while I am sad to say goodbye to my beautiful and fun cube-mates, I really like the small office environment. I start on Monday afternoon, which makes tomorrow morning my last shift at corporate, at least for the foreseeable future.

On Thursday morning Ian and I trekked back into Ann Arbor to visit the neurologist. It was a fast, easy visit compared to trip to the PA. He decided to try to prevent the headaches as a strategy, as treating them isn't going terribly well, probably because I don't get any warning/auras beforehand, which is usually when you are supposed to take migraine meds to ward off the headache, so by the time I realize I have a migraine, it's usually too late to effectively treat it. Huh. Anyways, he gave me the following options: Vitamin B2, Magensium, anti-spasmodic/seizure, anti-depressants (no thank you, I remember how terrible those made me feel back in college!), or blood pressure medication. I'm starting with B2 - seems a little safer, not so troublesome or side-affect heavy? We'll see how it goes.

This current headache is still from Sunday. Yipes. Hopefully this is the last time I'll have a six day headache.