Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Running... well, sort of?

I had my second day of "running" today. And by running, I rather mean limping down the street. But Ian comes with me and times and says encouraging things.

On Day #1 (... yesterday) I ran, and walked, and ran, and walked, and then had an asthma attack. Exercise Induced Asthma anyone? This seriously only happens when I run or get into a kick boxing frenzy while doing a Julian Michaels workout. Plus my shoes were terrible (some old cross-trainers?), and my right foot really hurt.

Ian and I stopped at Bivouac and bought me some Vibrams. A note in Vibram Five Fingers: Ian LOVES them. He's been running in his for over a year now, and swears by them. They're excellent quality shoes, and while they may look ridiculous, are supposed to be much better for running.

It meant a more serious commitment to running, or at least extreme walking, but it was a commitment I was willing to make. So, after previewing their choices in my size, so, two options, I came home with these:

Yes, they're BRIGHT PINK and very... loud, shall we say? But I figured if I was going to wear silly-looking toe shoes, it was best to go all out. Plus they breathe better and were a little cheaper (and cuter!) than the other option, a pair of black, high-topish ones available.

I ran for the first time in them this evening. I ran a mile. It may not have been all at once, but I ran at least one mile all together, and walked a bit in-between each running period. Gosh, it's weird to actually take this sort of thing seriously. I've been successful at starting other workout programs, like kickboxing, or yoga, or, yes, aerobics, but every time I've tried to run, I'll make it about 5-10 blocks, feel like I'm going to die, and immediately give up.

This time, I'm taking is ssslllooowww. Which means starting by walking for two-three minutes, running for one-two minutes, keeping my heart rate up and my breathing under control. For some reason running exhausts me so much faster than seemingly every other type of cardio, but I really want to be able to do this with Ian, and... be able to do it at all. So, one week at a time, one day at a time, one small stretch of running at a time! My goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, without needing to stop and walk. Realistically, it's going to take awhile to get there, but that's the goal. So, right now, it means walking more than running, and eventually I will be running more than walking. But I think I can do this.

 - - -

On another note, along with our asian fish (broiled in a black-bean garlic sauce - yum!) and stir-fried green beans for dinner tonight, I threw some chicken breasts on the stove-top to brown, then put them in the crock pot with some onions, cumin, authentic New Mexico chile powder (we literally have a cookie-jar full of this stuff and it's continually growing, god knows why), pepper, and chicken broth. Our nice, big crock pot is in storage right now as our apartment was too small to store it in, so we're stewing up out taco meat for tomorrow's dinner in the famous football crock pot, or... THE PRO POT. This was Ian's and my first purchase together, and, if any of you know us at all, you will understand it was an ironic purchase. It was at Meijer, on clearance; could you say no to that?!?

I thought not.

Anyways, I'm getting hungry just smelling it being all delicious in the other room.

 - - -

My new position is going splendidly so far. My coworkers are great and pretty fun to work with, but all hard workers, I enjoy having my own office with a window and a view, and that I don't have to talk so loudly all day, or really as much at all. I can already feel Stress Ball Rachel melting away into Relaxed Rachel (she is much nicer to be around, has more energy, and doesn't have a constant headache, or at least, that's the hope). I come home happy and carefree. I'm sure this will adjust some when classes start next week, but right now I feel like I could conquer the world. Or at least my block, if Ian came with me.