Saturday, September 11, 2010

First of all, our exciting new Ypsilanti finds that we just can't get enough of:

  • Dom's Bakery - The absolute best apple fritter I've ever had. As they're only about a half mile away, we now have a new rule that we can only walk to Dom's, as our doughnut runs were becoming much too frequent.
  • Pacific Beach Burritos - A shout out to Emily and Hung for suggesting this gem. Best burritos and tacos I've had in the states, I think. It's no Tacos Tumbras, the taco joint we found in Acapulco on our honeymoon in May, but the concept is the same: Tortilla. Meat (with cheese, maybe with eggs) or Veggies. Salsa. I wasn't terribly impressed with their grilled veggie burrito, their different meats are outstanding and drool worthy. 
Well, I've had my first two classes this week. I've yet to enjoy my Psych Statistics class (starting this Tuesday), but my text book came in the mail and thoroughly terrorized me. The first chapter looked familiar, but after that... Eeps McGregor.

My other two classes are Feminist Thought (feminist and women's studies theory) and, the program capstone, oddly enough, Colloquium: Research on Women's and Gender Issues. It was very strange to have my very first course in grad school be the capstone, but since I'm trying to kick this program out in the next 10 months, you do what you have to do.

Well, my goal is to write a paper in the next two hours, so here I go.