Sunday, September 18, 2011

I love NYC in the fall.

I had a perfect New York day today.

Ian and I met two friends for a fantastic brunch at 12 Chairs in Soho for brunch this morning. What does a pregnant woman really need except for some cheese blintzes and a lovely Israeli breakfast plate? (Answer from Ian: a whole lot). Really though, the food was fantastic, and my fresh mint tea was so good on a crisp morning.

After brunch, we went to the Film Forum and saw a matinee: The French Connection.

On our way home, Ian and I got off the subway a few stops early, purchased some chai and apple cider (respectively) and had a nice walk back to our apartment.

I can't say that I've seen any leaves changing colors yet, but everyone looks a little happier, a little less stressed out, and just a little more willing to smile. I'm looking forward to visiting our farmers' market tomorrow morning and getting some fresh produce for the week.

I think part of this change is an openness I'm learning to foster; I feel like I spent so much of the first and second trimesters of this pregnancy (and our move to New York) stuck inside various uncomfortable symptoms. Although it's never fun to not feel well, or to broken out in an awful rash, or... you name it, I think there is something to be said about dwelling on the awesome and amazing nature of what my body is doing, how all of these little inconveniences are for this new life, and how everything that is weird or gross or painful has a chemical/hormone behind it to help this new little baby grow and thrive!

In the first week of our birthing classes, the instructor talked for a few minutes about really living in the moment, whether you're having a great day, uncomfortable with the weight of the baby and swelling feet (what? who?), in labor, going on two hours of sleep with a colicky baby... no matter what. This is really fantastic advice; it made me think about how much time I've focused on the negative and not looked at the big picture or just enjoyed what has been happening.

As this will most likely be Ian's and my only child, and thus my only pregnancy, I really wish I had spent more of the pregnancy in an empowered, aware state. I wish that I had tried more to look at the positive and the beauty of what is happening, what we are doing and building together.

On that note, I'm off to do a little prenatal yoga before bed and practice my squatting.