Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Men at Home and Feminsm

Here's an interesting article from regarding the "mancession" and feminsm by J. Victoria Sanders.

I think it's valuable that Sanders points out that even as more dads are staying home now, the respect for what is considered "women's work" is still quite low. The general attitude is that men shouldn't have to be stay at home parents (poor men, having to cook and clean and take care of children!), and, if going back to work, these men shouldn't have to be competing for "pink collar" positions (those that are typically filled by women).

Oh to be in a world where this is equal respect for all types of jobs, especially those caring for children, our future. Personally, I think teachers should be required to have more education themselves, and should be compensated as well as doctors (and really, that physicians should earn less, but that's for a different day - who really wants to talk insurance and inflation now?).