Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of the Most Offensive Ads I've Seen.... Ever.

Addendum June 26th, 2012: Sorry the original link went down; I re-linked the video. 

We're traveling, which means hotel rooms, which means.... cable. Ian and I don't have a TV set and wouldn't pay for cable if we did, but we're all for watching a little television once the little lady is asleep for the evening.

Last night, we saw an ad for Klondike Bars:

This makes me want to throw up.

Apparently wives are boring and only talk about shades of yellow and decorating, and "listening" to a woman talk for five seconds means a man deserves a reward. Seriously? When he receives his reward, notice that it's younger, more attractive women who emerge to give him the ice cream, and see how relieved he is not to have to pay attention to his spouse.

Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed this atrocity of an ad. What stereotypical bullshit.

Ian and I vowed to never buy from Klondike again (unless they apologize for the ad... and start making their ice cream out of real ingredients), and I hope you'll do the same.