Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laundromat Woes

Ian and I signed our new lease today for a brand-new (but not spanking) apartment, our very first legal document we signed as a married couple with our new names. And, sitting in the laundromat at.... 11:34 PM, I anticipate being able to do laundry at any time I please, and at home. In the comfort of our own little apartment with hardwood floors and white walls. Hurrah!

This Monday was to be the first day starting exercise back up again after weeks of laziness, craziness, and delicious vacation (and post-vaca) food. BUT, typical Rachel style, work was super busy and lame, I left an hour late, and didn't feel like it (shock). Ian, anticipating I would be 100% LAME SAUCE sorted out my sports bra, workout capris, and exercise mat, folding them nicely together on the chaise. Well, you just can't say no to that sort of organization/preparation! But jumping? Kicking? Grapevining like a 90's crazed lady with insanely bushy bangs? Not I, said the tired, cramping, side-spasm girl. Luckily, I can google like a pro, and found an exciting new website: http://www.yogatic.com/. The instructor/creator has many instructional videos up, including yoga for women during their... womanly times (*clears throat* I did this - super relaxing and a really nice stretch!) and even tummy upsets / digestion.

Is 15 minutes of yoga equivalent to 45 minutes of kickboxing and aerobics? Not at all, I know this. But great website. And yoga is an excellent replacement if you are super lame like me. 

(Rachel at the Mr. Stadium)