Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We've had cloudy and rainy weather for days in New York City, and the weather is starting to get to me. I've been in an unholy funk all day, accentuated by a really bad haircut I got on Sunday.

The haircut I wanted.
I feel a little foolish getting so worked up about a haircut, and was hoping to keep my vanity from seeping into my blogging, but it cannot be avoided.

Ian, mystified at my bitching about it to my sister tonight, asked me why it was such a big deal. I said, "Imagine you paid someone $65 plus tip* to draw a black line down your face in permanent marker. Yes, it will go away eventually, but it sure is a bummer until it fades, and every time you step outside, everyone sees it."

A woman named Kate chopped my short hair really short, so short that the sides are actually buzzed with a razor, and I'm considering just taking a clipper to the rest. If I haven't gotten used to the cut in a week, I probably will. I've done it before.

I hate to think about what a vain person I am, and how much having a good haircut means to me. But this is bumming me out, and my neighbors are avoiding eye contact, so I know it's not just me.
The haircut I got.

But here are the nice things that happened today:
  • I'm drinking a lovely cup of Tazo Rest tea. (When I googled Tazo Rest tea is quickly became apparent that Starbucks owns Tazo. This is seriously disappointing.) It's a nice blend of rose, chamomile, and other relaxing things. I'm hoping it will calm me down.
  • Felicity went to bed so easily tonight! Only five or so minutes of active fussing and crying. Awesome.
  • Ian and I worked on a couple of crosswords together. This makes my heart happy.
  • A seriously delicious dinner of open-faced turkey burgers on Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Sesame bread (our very favorite bread, not owned by Starbucks), with local cheddar cheese and a simple guacamole made with avocado and salsa verde. We roasted a few golden beets in the oven for the side. So healthy, so yummy.
  • Ian cleaned the entire apartment today. Seriously. He's taking a couple of days off of work after finishing teaching and grading for the semester and (I must brag) finishing an article and sending it off for publication (we hope). And he cleaned the whole apartment. 
  • We read several books with Felicity before putting her to bed. She is becoming such an engaging little person, and we really have a nice time together when we read. 
Our current favorite book (by our, I mean Ian and I really like it, Felicity doesn't seem to care what we read to her as long as she is allowed to stroke the pages on a comfortable lap) is Mathilda and the Orange Balloon, by Randall de Seve, illustrated by Jen Corace. 

Mathilda, as you make expect from the cover, is an enthusiastic and curious sheep. This book encourages independence and creativity, and is very sweet and funny. It's also very pro-orange, as a color. So are we.

*I don't normally pay this much for a haircut (it's unreasonable); I didn't realized I'd inadvertently scheduled with a "senior stylist" when my usual, cheaper, and oh-so-amazing stylist was unavailable.