Friday, May 11, 2012

A Note for Readers

Although it wasn't necessarily my intent when I first responded to a prompt on the article "Finding Joy: Tips for Creating Your Own 30-Day Happiness Project," it's now clear to me that it will be important for me to work through the whole list compiled by Shelley Steale. I've been thinking more about starting a happiness project, but want to read a few books first before I jump into anything, so no specific plans at this time!

I also wanted to throw out a link for Shelley Seale's 30-Days at a Time blog. During the month of 2011, she focused on specific projects each month to live more conscientiously throughout the year, such as a Six Items or Less (only 6 or fewer clothing items for a month; although this initially made me shiver, I realized my post-baby wardrobe pretty much consists of this), a Locavore challenge, and of course a 30-Day Happiness Challenge.

She has a running blog called Trading Places: Experiencing How People Live Around the World, and you can find her website (with links to a few books she's written) here.

Happy reading, and thanks Shelley for a little inspiration!