Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekly Menu

I realize I haven't posted a menu in a couple of weeks. I have to admit that I didn't do anything last week, and we made several frantic trips Westside Market, and of course paid too much for everything.

Also, I'm officially over my obsession with Thai (or Thai-inspired) dishes with coconut milk in them, at least for the time being. I made Thai Vegetable Enchiladas with a coconut milk sauce last week, and it pushed me over the edge. It was delicious, but one person can only take some much.

Now I'm on to cakes. Lord, save me.

Weekly Menu
Braised Chicken with Dates and Moroccan Spices, served with couscous and sauteed kale 
Broccolini Cheddar Melts on Whole Wheat Bread
Leek & Farro Risotto (we're making this one up in attempts to use try out the Farro that has been sitting in our pantry for too long, ignored. I absolutely refuse to make a cold farro salad, seemingly the only type of farro recipes I can find online!)
Linguine Avgolemono with Artichoke Hearts and Green Beans (we are getting fresh pasta for this dish!)
New England Fish Chowder