Friday, July 6, 2012

Flake-Out Friday

Ian and I are creatures of habit. And a bit lazy, yes, a bit lazy.

Flake-Out Friday is something we hold sacred, dear to our hearts. Years ago (and by years ago, I mean before I was pregnant, which may not actually be years ago, but it sure feels like it), we would sometimes go out for dinner, take a long walk after dinner, or maybe go rent a movie, back when you could get in a car and go rent a movie (so long ago, so long ago). Some nights we'd have friends over, or visit friends, or go out for drinks, or maybe even go to the theater for a film.

Pregnancy brought with it a strong desire to wear yoga pants all the time, a need to nap after work or any sort of activity, and a sort of home-bodied-ness never before seen in my lifetime. Ian adjusted grandly, picking up another pair of  'loungey pants' at Target (because I won't let him sit on our furniture in just his underwear, as he would gladly do in a Rachel-free habitat), and Flake-Out Friday was born.

Flake-Out Friday involves several key factors:
  1. Pizza, usually with a lot of pepperoni on it, unless I decide I want to make it "healthy" and insist on mushrooms on half. Because that's going to help in the long run, right? Right.
  2. Catching up on our shows. We don't have a television or cable, and so watch all of our shows on the day after they air. Everything we follow airs on Thursday, so this takes a couple of hours to catch up. 
  3. A run to the corner store to see if there are pints of Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry's on sale. I must confess this is a recent phenomena, a product of late pregnancy when all I wanted to do was lay on my side while Ian rubbed my back, eating ice cream. Which you can do when you're pregnant, because it's really good to lay on your side and get backrubs (if you're calm, the baby is calm! the baby gets all of your endorphins and feels nice too!*), and you need a lot of calcium when you're pregnant or your fetus will suck it from your bones and you will develop osteoperosis.**
* not sure if I buy into any of that, but I will use any and all excuses to get my back rubbed

** the calcium thing is true, but research is still inconclusive as to whether or not ice cream is the best source of ice cream for pregnant women