Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Hit List

Hit List
Hit List by Lawrence Block

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hit List is the second book in the Keller installment by Lawrence Block. Ian and I had such fun reading Hit Man aloud, we picked this up at the library the same day we finished Hit Man, and read it within the week.

It was a bit disappointing. On one hand, the plot is a little more cohesive in Hit List; Dot and Keller determine that someone is trying to take out other hitmen (or hitpersons?), and they have to find a way to stop the rogue hitter. All very good, it was fun to have more of an overriding theme.

Unfortunately, Block spends way too much time in conversation between Keller and Dot, and they both seem to have become less intelligent in conversation and whit since the first book. Sometimes it felt like Block was insulting the intelligence of his readers by not only repeating in narration what has already occurred (often within the next chapter or two), but then having the two leads discuss it to no end.

That said, overall Hit List was still a fun read, and we're now on to Hit Parade.

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