Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Great Pinterest Purge (or, Hello Vegetarianism, Again)

If you follow me on pinterest, you'll know that I've posted about every recipe ever pinned (sans that stuff that has cake mixes, salad dressing mixes, or canned soup, because that's just gross). It's probably really annoyed you, your feed all taken up with by bazillion recipes (and let's be honest here, most of them involve lots of butter, cream, and/or steak).

I stopped eating meat when I was seventeen years old. I was a vegetarian for six and a half years, and then Ian, the bad influence that he is, got me eating meat again after we started dating. It started out innocently enough; local, organic lamb from our farmer's market, then a little bacon in the soup or in a salad. I visited my family in Minnesota, they heard I was eating meat, and it was all over from there. My defenses weakened, I ate whatever they put in front of me. And it was delicious.

And here I find myself, three and a half years later, cutting it out again. Mostly for environmental reasons, but also because these animals are not treated humanely. (Really, this tells me I should be looking at veganism, but one step at a time, no?)

Anyways, I took the plunge and decided to spend my Friday evening purging my pinterest boards.

Oh. My. Goodness. This was a good test of my resolve - I have pinned some damned tasty-looking recipes that are now haunting me. Why didn't I eat that twice-baked sweet potatoes with the sesame-bacon brittle when I had the chance? Why did we not prepare the chicken with peanut sauce, or make the honeyed pork roast. WHY? 

But really, as I was going through, eliminating well over half of all the recipes I've pinned, clicking 'edit,' then 'delete,' then confirming the delete request, there was something ritualistic and pure about getting rid of the garbage and temptation.

Rest assured dear reader, for now, I will continue to post so many filthy desserts, you will gain weight looking at them. Unless your my husband, who loses weight thinking about exercising, and tones his muscles while eating.