Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Baby Books

This is a post dedicated to our favorite books to read to Felicity (and Felicity's favorite books to help read). These books are in no particular order, by the by.

Mathilda and the Orange Balloon is a delightfully illustrated book that encourages imagination and thinking outside the box. Mathilda is a courageous little sheep, and I do love a strong female lead. And really, isn't Mathilda a sweet name?

Birdsong was amongst the first of the children's books that I borrowed from the library when Felicity was just over a month old. It was the book that delighted her the most; Birdsong is filled with silly-looking birds with even sillier-sounding calls and is a treat to read aloud. It also has a sense of humor, which a parent will appreciate.

 Nothing is so sweet as reading this book with Ian and Felicity before bed. As one might expect, it is a kissing and counting book. "Ten little kisses for teeny tiny toes," and so forth. This is one of those books that can get Felicity giggling, even if she in a grand-fuss moments before.

Dr. Suess has authored some great books. Granted, Green Eggs and Ham has a certain sort of awful something out it (personally, it made me think about rape - pushing and pushing someone to do something they don't want to do until they give in, and then the victim "likes" it? sketchy). However, Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book is a nice account of contagious yawns, and a count of people falling asleep all over (though the way of tallying how many are falling asleep once again falls into the creepy side of Suess's imagination).

This is a fun book to read and act out. My favorite animal? The Crocodile. "Can you wiggle your hips like the crocodile? I can do it!" It might be the case the I have more fun than Felicity reading this book. Just maybe.

Jane Yolen and Mark Teague: what is there to say? Magic. This is one of the very sweetest books. Ian and I love the How Do Dinosaurs series, and this is probably the best. As Ian pointed out once, this series is one of the only that accurately portrays the emotional size of a child in their parents' lives. Of course, we change all of the pronouns to 'shes' and 'hers', because, you know, that's how we roll.

The Foot Book is Felicity's very favorite book. This is probably because I do my best to vocalize the the different kinds of feet ('up feet' gets read with the voice getting higher and higher, and 'pig feet' gets a loud oink, which always makes Felicity shriek with laughter).

And, after having read The Foot Book on average twice daily for the past... five months, I can say I'm not yet sick of it. And that's something.

My French-speaking husband loves to read to my French-listening baby. Felicity loves this book more than all of the other French books he's read to her. Apparently she's into adventure. She also likes to flip the pages. I can't understand a word, so I really don't have much else to say. The cover has nice colors!

 We bought this little board book in Albuquerque, NM when Felicity was five weeks old. Yep, love the dinosaur books. We purchase a set for all of our baby friends.

Bear has a strict bedtime routine and cannot be disturbed. Mouse comes to spend the night, and they have quite a little adventure. I just read over my description, and I promise that the book isn't as dirty as my blurb is. I promise. But really, this is a funny book, and the artwork is wonderful.